2016 Events Listing. . .

Video Games, Role Playing Games, Board Games, Various Tournaments, Medieval Events, Guest Speakers’ Schedule & Much More have been updated on the Evercon website!  Please go to the website to see this year’s exciting events!  Please check back as more and more events will be added after they are registered.  We look forward to seeing you at Evercon 2016 on January 15th & 16th!

Special Guest Tim Seeley

Evercon is proud to announce that our third Special Guest is Tim Seeley.  Tim Seeley is a comic book artist and writer known for his creative work on books such as G.I. Joe: A Real American Hero, G.I. Joe vs. Transformers, and New Exiles.  Additionally, he is the co-creator of the Image Comic titles of Hack/Slash and Revival..  Tim will be giving panels at Evercon.

Special Guest Frank Mentzer

Our special Guest of Honor for Evercon 2016 is…

Frank Mentzer!

This is especially important for you role-players out there. If you are old school you most likely know the name. If you are a new age role-player you will be astounded by the depth of background Frank has in the industry. Frank is an Old School gamer best known for writing five D&D rule sets (Basic, Expert, Companion, Masters, and Immortals) and other D&D products with his friend and co-author Gary Gygax.

Watch for updates on Frank Mentzer’s activities at Evercon 2016.