Artist Alley

Artist Alley registration for Evercon 2015 is now closed.  Please see all of our great artists below!

1—COLD Products: Neck coolers- Tube of material that you soak in water, put around your neck and keep you cool. Key Chains- made out a material. Star wars, star trek, family guy, angry birds, my little pony.

2—Seeking Solace: Mostly bishounen/bishoujo (aka beautiful boys/girls) style art prints, posters, buttons, keychains, stickers and more!

3—Kev Xav: We are a small independent group of animators and cartoonists from Weston, Wisconsin. We will be selling a self-published children’s book, two comic books, and a full-feature animated film (DVD).

4—Gridcurrent Comic Book: Former Gaming Club member, Dan Biesel, returns to Evercon with his Kickstarter backed comic book, Gridcurrent! Comics, T-Shirts, Prints, Stickers, and art commissions will be available.

5—Duo Studio: We’re an amazing duo that draws and sells fan art and original!
Artworks, prints, and handmade cards: from awesome, kawaii, to funny parodies. We also do commissions at an affordable cost! Zoua will draw exclusive artworks for auctioning, so stay tuned! We colored our artworks with the amazing Copic Markers: the markers created for creative people. Come one, come all!

6—No-Brainer Cartoons: The amazing animator and cartoonist Derrek Buerger rolls up to the scene once again! Come check out the booth where he will be sitting down for a long period of time and selling T-Shirts, Stickers, Posters, and some exclusive Evercon Goods not found anywhere else!

7—Hankola Retro Creations: I create and sell high quality, very collectable, retro videogaming perler bead art. Magnets, Standies and assorted other displays from games that we all know and love: Super Mario Bros., Zelda and many others.

8—Ineffective Carnivore: Prints, stickers, plushies and home made clothes.

9—TB Steampunk: Steampunk jewelry.

10—Trading Card Valhalla: The next life for those trading cards who have died in battle both on and off the gaming field, find glass pendants, earrings, bracelets, buttons, gaming tokens and more! Items are both pre-made, and custom per request!

11—Ye Ole Punked Shoppe: We provide steampunk and medieval style jewelry also some amethyst and quartz crystal points and it was commonly believed in ancient times that they promoted healing and are a nice novelty. We will also provide handmade all occasion cards.

12—PinStripes Studios: Art prints featuring original art and fan art, handmade books with recycled manga pages/original art/custom designs, and on-site art commissions.

13—Keenan and Annies Crotch’ Shop: Crocheted pieced and other accessories.

14— I sculpt wooden books from locally scavenged trees. Also 3 ringed binders and photo albums.


Artists, prior to registration, please read the Rules and Regulations here.  There are small changes for 2015.