Vendor Room

Vendor registration for Evercon 2015 is now closed.  Please see all of our great vendors below!

1 – Johnny Cee Cards: Board Games, Dice & Supplies, Anime, RPGS, CCGs, Pokemon, Weiss Schwarz, Magic the Gathering, D & D, Star Wars, Comics, Heroclix, Dr. Who, LARP, Miniatures, Video Games & Systems, Complete Line of Gaming Items.

2 – Gaming Generations: Video game plushes

3 – Medieval Mapmaker: Hand-drawn historical and fantasy maps.

4 – Cheap Books by Phil: Selling used books and a few board games and RPG’s. We have hundreds of Science Fiction and Fantasy novels, most of which cost $1.

5 – Alfred E. Shirtman, Inc.: Our company sells comics, figures and statues. We have nearly 10,000 comic books and 25 series of Spawn figures along with Bowen statues. We also sell original anime artwork and jewelry.

6 – Game Town: We are making a new animation series ABOUT video games PLUS selling a video game. The animation series is about 2 people living in a world inhabited by video game characters, while the video game series is a man being sent back in time to destroy a man who sent out an infinite hoard of enemies that have a thirst for your cries. The game includes a dragon, blaster guns, and giant robot suits. game is only released for PC. Animation will be released on youtube.

7—ZipEtch Laser Engraving: We produce high quality custom laser engraving on a wide variety of surfaces including Glass, Mirror, Marble, Granite and Wood. This includes special occasion items such as pint, wine, beer glasses and unique items geared towards special events and groups.

8—Cards Xtcetera: We carry Anime, Manga, Sci-fi collectibles, Gaming and more. We specialize in one-of-a-kind nostalgia.

9—Anime Klub: Wallscrolls, figures, keychains, phone charms, wallets, plush, and all other awesome things Japanese.


Vendors, prior to registration, please read the Rules and Regulations here.  There are small changes for 2015.